If You Leave Me Now

 Peter Cetera and Me

Last light I was able to leave for the evening without any kids! I hadn’t left our 9 month old for more than a couple hours before,  so I was a little nervous. The baby did fine, but one of my 2 year olds was so upset that when I left that she cried so hard she threw up. I told my husband, “you should have called me and I could’ve have talked to her”. My husbands response? “She was fine”.  Good to know I can leave without traumatizing anyone!

A month ago I saw an ad in our local paper advertising a concert. My sister is friends with the guy who puts together these shows, and often she’ll get complimentary tickets. I’m normally not a concert person but thought that this one would be fun! I sent her this message; “I might just go to the Peter Cetera concert if you get tickets and ask me. I’m pretty sure I might do that…. you know if someone gives you tickets and you want company….”

Well, she said she wasn’t going to go.   Drat.

She ended up deciding to go and last night we got to see Peter Cetera sing!  We had VIP tickets and in the center second row. Aaannnnddd….we got to go backstage and meet him! I shook his hand and got a picture with him.  Now, you hope these things will happen, but I wasn’t going to count on it, just getting to go was great!

So many good songs were played. You could tell most of the audience was there to hear the Chicago era songs, though. They sure were excited! (Thank you  Mr. Loud Whistler Sitting Behind Me, I couldn’t tell which were your favorite songs.)  The audience was louder than the band! The back up singer did a fun version of Cher in After All.  And Next Time You Fall In Love, Glory Of Love (You know, from Karate Kid II) and You’re The Inspiration….the songs I remember listening to when I was a kid.

And I have a photo with him…did I mention that?


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