I’ll Hold You In My Heart (’till I can hold you in my arms)


Four Years ago (was it that long ago?) I started piecing a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It’s all made of one shape–a hexagon.  I had never tried paper piecing before! I started out using all the odds and ends in my box of fabrics. Then my sister bought me some when I ran out and so did my mom. It seemed like it would take forever to finish!  I imagined working on it throughout my pregnancy and holding my little baby in it.

I was on bed-rest during my 5th pregnancy due to complications and needed something to do while lying on the sofa and this seemed like the perfect time to try. But baby Karin was born a week later…straight into heaven. She never got to be wrapped up in her quilt.  I’m still working on it, though it grew to be a twin sized blanket.  I have it pinned and I’ve started quilting the pieces together, sewing around each flower by hand. It’s become a therapy for me to hold it. I almost don’t want to finish it….maybe that’s why I’m taking so long. I think of her when I sew and how special this quilt is to me.

Someday when it’s done and I’ve placed that last stitch in it, I may enter it in our local fair for others to see and I would title it simply Karin’s Quilt. And maybe, someone would think of Karin and that she must have been a special person to have a quilt hand sewn for her.


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