Madam Librarian

So these days my hardworking husband is working days. Which means he has the car. Our only car. Now, I could get up with him and drive him 25 miles to work, race home drop off kids at school and then run 25 miles back to his work and pick him up some time after 6 and before 9 PM. But obviously that is a lot of effort, gas and time to try that. So I am home.

I can walk to our little town and go to the drug store, library, or dairy shop and I do. But I often look pretty crazy. With one kid I can do ok and look pretty sane. With 3 or 4 I look well, desperate to get out of the house.  (I probably am!)

I have a double jogging stroller that holds the 2 year old and one 4 year old and the second 4 year old sits on the foot rest. We get our hats, coats boots and mittens on….eventually….and start walking.

We get to the library and the kids slam the button (and fight over who gets to do it!) and run in. I’m sure the librarians cringe when they see me coming. They girls head to the kids section and are happily engaged in the play kitchen they have set up (a lifesaver!). It’s crazy, because my third daughter always, at some point during the visit, runs to the button and whacks it to open both the doors and tries to head into the bathroom. My fourth girl is following her….and the doors are wide open. I head her off.



The third heads for the bathroom, more to just inspect it than use it.

I really need a sheepdog. Or get the harnesses out of the car….that my husband has.

Oh, look! A snowman just my size! 2 of 3 kids has to stop and hug it.

I finally wrangle up the girls after getting all their hats, coats and mittens on, and get them in the stroller. I look a little frazzled.

I probably don’t make parenting look easy. I don’t seem to attract people who want to befriend me. But when I get home,  my 9 year old locks herself in her room and reads. My younger 3 sit and watch a new movie.

There is peace….for the moment.


2 thoughts on “Madam Librarian

  1. I’ll be your friend 😉 my little brood of four seems to scare all but the bravest as well. Since we homeschool, I schlep them everywhere…much to the chagrin of the lady at the post office, the ladies at the craft store, and the workers at the commissary.

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