Maybe, Baby


At my Almost Twins preschool class party, another mother asked how old my youngest was. I told her almost 2 1/2 and her response was that she would be ready to start preschool next fall! I admit my heart sank.

My baby was that old? Where had time gone?  I was ready for my Almost Twins to start preschool, but my baby? Part of me suddenly felt very grateful that she was shy, clingy and that I was always tripping over her.  Maybe she wouldn’t be ready for preschool.  Maybe it would be too much for her to be separated from her mama.

I probably will get signed up on the waiting list.  Her sisters do love going to preschool. The teachers are great and maybe she will be ready then…even if I’m not.

She’s my baby and I just am not ready for her to grow up yet. Maybe next fall I will feel more ready. But not just yet.


2 thoughts on “Maybe, Baby

  1. Amen sister! I threatened to tie a brick to my son’s head if he didn’t stop growing up so fast. 😉 He told me to hush!

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