What Love Really Means


“It is a risk to love.

What if it doesn’t work out?

Ah, but what if it does?”

Peter McWilliams

Today is an ordinary day and yet…it isn’t. For our family, it’s the end of a a season. For over 10 years we’ve been licensed as foster parents.  We got licensed in the midst of infertility and miscarriages and grief. We had talked about adopting….after we had biological children…but we jumped into it sooner than we thought because we wanted children in our lives now. It wasn’t Plan B, it was just a part of God’s Plan for our family. We thought it was a win-win situation. We needed children in our life and the children needed a safe family.

It was scary going through the licensing process. I was overwhelmed with the paperwork. The interviews and question on the forms were soul searching. The classes were intimidating with worst case scenario stories shared that made you wonder if you could handle parenting a child who was traumatized. You either walked out of the room saying it was too much or determined more than ever to make a better home for a kid.

Another couple had brought their baby foster daughter to church and I held her…this little precious baby needed a home….we could be a home for a baby like her! That is what really convinced me that I could do this.

I am going to miss the adventure. The phone calls and the hope of a new child coming to share our home.   I really missed our second case manager visiting after we adopted our oldest! I will miss being a part of the special club of people called foster parents. Though not many passed our threshold, we said many were welcome to come. God just brought our kids through the door.

I'm a foster mom, what's your superpower?

As much as we would like to continue, right now we need to focus on the kids we have and meet their needs. Foster and adoptive parents are needed still and I hope some of you may pick up the baton and be a family to a kid.

It will mess up your plans. You will have to make sacrifices and deal with a lot of rules. You will get frustrated with the system, caseworkers and rules. You will feel like a failure. Your life will seem chaotic at times. Your heart will even be broken. But I will tell you that my kids were totally worth it!


What Love Really Means Video by JJ Heller;



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