Sugar, Sugar


We went on a Candida Detox diet several years ago in hopes of becoming healthier and improving our chances of carrying a baby to term. I’d had had four early miscarriages and was done with doctors. I had tried a natrupathic doctor also, but the help she gave only treated the symptoms.

I had prayed for some way to help my body heal and be able to carry a baby full term. I did not feel that further fertility treatments were the way for us to go.  Then, one Sunday at church in the nursery there was a lady who told me about what had helped her. I was so excited! I knew this was an answer to my prayers! My husband and I decided to both go on it. We dragged on for the first couple weeks and then felt more energetic! We ate the same but I took garlic, oil of oregano(FYI; Never  use while pregnant!)  and bentonite clay supplements . We avoided all sugars  (fruit, milk and sugar), yeasts and white flours for 3 months and then the next 3 months we added the milk and fruits back in.  The detox diet helped my body heal and function normally. It was what my body needed.  I felt better and actually got sick less as well. My hormones regulated themselves for the first time.

After going through the 6 month detox, I became pregnant! I carried our baby girl, Karin, 16 1/2 weeks before she died due to a fatal chromosomal issue. BUT my body was finally doing what it was supposed to do!

Seven months later I became pregnant for the 6th time and this girl made it! Other than some progesterone supplements in the first trimester, I had a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy. I went on the diet to loose baby weight  and my 7th pregnancy (I expected it to take years to have another baby since the my first live birth took over 9 years to have!)  was also completely normal and resulted in a healthy baby girl.

In view of my last pregnancy ending in miscarriage, I need to start on this diet again to get healthy.

It’s a tough diet. It requires lots of discipline, but it was truly worth the effort!