I’m in a hurry


It was exactly what I had feared. It was 3:40 AM and I got up again to empty my bladder that was squished in my pregnant abdomen. I thought I didn’t make it to the bathroom in time! (blush) My 3 little girls were fast asleep in their beds and my husband was just starting work 25 minutes away….and my water had broke…. and  I was ALONE!

First, I called my sister…I felt slightly panicked and she was about 8 minutes away and could get here quick. Then I called my husband (I should have called him first! Oops!)  and no answer…call number two…still no answer…then my cell phone rang and I told him to come  home now. The contractions were starting! Ach! My sister arrived and loaded up her car with all my things and put the waterproof pad on the leather passenger seat, that way we could leave our car-seat laden mini-van for her. My husband got home and changed and off we went!  I called the hospital and told them we were on our way (the nurse later said I didn’t sound like I was that far into labor).

I couldn’t walk into the labor and delivery ward, so my husband wheeled me inside. The receptionist started asking me for all our information and never in my life did I feel like yelling at somebody ever! I still think I held my patience pretty good.  I was able to tell her that my contractions were less than a minute apart fairly nicely….

Well, half an hour later my little girl was born…I didn’t get the epidural, I didn’t get changed into a hospital gown, but the OB doctor did make it on time! Phew!

And that, folks, is my hour and forty minute labor story.