On the sunny side of the street


I live in Washington…the state. And it’s raining this morning, like it does so many days! We are in the process of enclosing our side porch and turning it into a playroom for the girls. Smokey the cat has already taken to sleeping there on the bench.  We have windows installed and are starting the trim… I say we, but basically it’s my husband and my dad working on it. I’m the designer (don’t tell them that!) if you want to know how I am involved. I look up ideas (I’m told I have too many of those!) and brainstorm and I enjoy it. I can’t wait to paint and pick out flooring and get the door in!  And I may be forced to do a little sewing for cushions or curtains (Yippy!!!).

It will be so nice to have a space for toys, the play kitchen and table, and the Duplos….oh the Duplos….they are everywhere and just like the smaller versions, Legos, they are not fun to step on! I have visions of toys scattered all over the sun room and shutting the door!  Poof! Mess contained and out of sight. I may be a little over-optimistic, but at least there’s hope!

But I also have a little secret of why I am looking forward to having the sun room. I want to sit on the cushioned bench with a cup of coffee and a good book and bask in the light. That is, if Smokey will share it with me.